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Isha Koppikar Joins Blood Donation Drive Organized by Dr. Santosh Pandey


In a recent act of philanthropy, Bollywood actress Isha Koppikar participated in a blood donation camp orchestrated by Dr. Santosh Pandey at Mumbai’s Rejua Energy Center. Alongside Isha, the event saw the presence of renowned social media influencer and actress Ekta Jain, Sachin Danai, Komal Fofaria, and other notable personalities.

Ekta Jain,Komal Fofaria,Dr Santosh Pandey,Isha koppikar,Neha Pandey & Sachin Danai

Commending Dr. Santosh Pandey’s laudable initiative, Isha Koppikar lauded his remarkable work and vibrant energy. Dr. Pandey, known for his expertise in acupuncture, emphasized the significance of holistic healthcare practices, urging individuals to prioritize self-care and wellness for themselves and their families.

Expressing her appreciation for Isha Koppikar’s support, Dr. Santosh Pandey highlighted the holistic approach of his practice, which integrates scientific principles with spiritual healing techniques to offer natural remedies for various ailments.

The Rejua Energy Center provides an array of services encompassing acupuncture, acupressure, diet therapy, cupping therapy, hydrogen therapy, sound meditation healing, cosmetic acupuncture, and physiotherapy, all aimed at promoting overall well-being and vitality.



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