Amit Khan on Commander Karan Saxena: It is a proud feeling when your book characters come alive


Commander Karan Saxena is a renowned name in the world of Hindi pulp fiction today and it was created by Amit Khan. Amit Khan has written 58 novels in this series. A major audio drama series has already been made on this series, in which Sonu Sood voiced Commander Karan Saxena. Now, on July 8, a web series based on this series will release on Hotstar, with Gurmeet Choudhary playing the lead role of Commander Karan Saxena.

Writer Amit Khan with Gurmeet Choudhary

Amit Khan said, “It was around 1992/93, around 4 to 5 novels of Karan Saxena had been published. The novels were also liked by our readers. But one day, my publisher told me, ‘Amit ji, readers have started asking for books by your name. People should ask for Karan Saxena and not the author. Like everyone knows ‘James Bond’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ but fewer people know their creators. This stuck in my mind. And so, I started writing Karan Saxena in a way that he continued to achieve success. Not only that, but I also reduced the size of my name on the cover and increased the size of the Commander. And Karan is much more popular than me now. Today, seeing Commander Karan Saxena more successful than myself gives me the same happiness that a father feels when his son becomes more successful than him.’

Amit Khan further shared, “32 years ago, when I used to write novels of Commander Karan Saxena, there was no internet, no Google, and I used to write about Commander’s international missions. At that time, maps of different cities and countries around the world were my support. From these maps, I would describe the streets and neighborhoods of different cities. Additionally, to gather information about countries and the world, I used to read a lot of literature about their cultures. This is how a novel of Commander Karan Saxena was conceptualised. Today, research has become much easier thanks to Google. But it is this same hard work that is bearing fruit today.”

This series has been produced by Keylight Production. Apart from Gurmeet Choudhary, Iqbal Khan and Ruta Durgule have also played important roles in this series.

Amit Khan has millions of readers on Pratilipi. Besides this, his ‘Rita Sanyal’ series is also very famous, with 22 novels published. The web series ‘Bichhoo Ka Khel,’ based on his novel, was also a superhit, produced by Ekta Kapoor.

Commander Karan Saxena will stream on Hotstar from 8th July.


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