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Hariharan J Iyer’s Journey from Business to Bollywood


After having learnt the ropes of the corporate world, entrepreneur and fund manager Hariharan J Iyer is all set to debut in Bollywood as a filmmaker! The producer is just a few months away from the release of his upcoming maiden film SarCar Ki Seva Mei, Starring Shreyas Talpade. The film will be released under the banner of Saish Venture Solutions Private Limited.

Producer Hariharan J Iyer

Talking about his current pet project Hariharan says, “This project that we have taken upon is poles apart from what we have done before and it’s an exciting phase of our lives. Though the two years of Covid-19 has been a dampener to our spirits and efforts, finally things are falling in place and have taken the right direction.”

Hariharan J Iyer with Actor Director Shreyas Talpade

Shreyas Talpade starrer SarCar Ki Seva Mei is scheduled for its third and final shooting schedule in April. The film, post-canning the last set of scenes, will release in the last quarter of 2022.

Hariharan J Iyer

Delving more into the difficulties the production house faced during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, Hariharan says, “Despite all our corporate world experience and a robust team, we were still newbie’s when we entered the film industry in 2019. With all our financial management experience and exposure towards fund management, we used to keep getting film scripts and writers kept approaching us to finance their projects. However, this story particularly excited us. We approached Shreyas Talpade to act in the film and then thought of giving the reins of direction too to him since he was the right person to understand the nerve of this concept. Fortunately, he agreed to take up this project as a director and actor and of course with all these coincidental happenings we believed that “this project was meant to happen.”

He further adds, “Initially, when we were new in the industry, a lot of people took us for a ride. But this strengthened our belief and we decided that we shall operate in the entertainment industry in a structured manner, rather than falling prey to people with an unhealthy approach and mindset.

Working in a strategic and structured manner worked for us and everything was going smoothly. We finished the first schedule of the film in Lucknow towards the end of 2019. But soon the pandemic hit the nation and we were stuck with a lockdown . We hadn’t anticipated such an event and suffered a huge delay in the shooting of the 2nd schedule. Eventually after a year and a half we finally got to shoot our second schedule during September of 2021. We were disheartened by the delay and the very same delay was burning a hole in our pockets as well. Finally, we are towards the fag end of this project with only the last schedule to go on floors and this is an exciting time for us.” We have started our aggressive PR and marketing of the product and we are sure that our product will be appreciated and liked by the masses.

Saish Venture Solutions Private Limited is one of the entities under Saish Group of Companies. The Corporate office is based out of Navi Mumbai and the group is into project consultancy, financial consultancy, Fund Management, Franchise of a broking firm in the stock market for commodities, equity and Currency.



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