Raksha Shrivastava’s debut album “Manzil- A musical Journey” released by Rumi Jafry and Hariharan


Singer Raksha Shrivastava’s debut album “Manzil – A Musical Journey” was released by Bollywood’s famous writer director Rumi Jafry and Hariharan at the INOX Theater in Mumbai. This album is a beautiful bouquet of 8 ghazals which are beautifully with delicately poetry and melodious music. The album consists of 6 solo ghazals by Raksha Shrivastava, one duet ghazal by Hariharan and Raksha Shrivastava and one solo ghazal by Hariharan. This album has been composed by Rajeev Mahavir, and it also has a video of two songs by Sandeep Mahavir. It is released from T-Series.      

Hariharan with singer Raksha Shrivastava

Singer Hariharan said that Rajeev Mahavir has composed very good tunes and Raksha Shrivastava has sung them beautifully. Music is present in her because of this there is a charm in her singing. 

Raksha Shrivastava

Raksha Shrivastava looked very happy and excited on this occasion. She said that I consider myself very fortunate that I got an opportunity to work with a singer like Hariharan at the beginning of my career. Also thanks to Rumi Jafry ji that we requested him and he came here to give us his blessings.

Hariharan,Rumi Jafry,Rajeev Mahavir & Raksha Shrivastava at launch

Rumi Jafry praised the voice of Raksha Shrivastava and said that I have seen both the songs which are very good. There is love in the voice of Raksha, the video is also amazing. I wish them all the best for a bright future. Hariharan is such a singer who can sing on any type of composition .

Director Sandeep Mahavir said that the first video has been shot in minus 4 degrees in Kashmir. The video has a beautiful story, Raksha’s journey started with a legend like Hariharan, it’s a big deal.

On this occasion, Kaushal Mahavir who is Guru of Raksha Shrivastava was also present, he also commended her voice .

Haider Najmi’s beautiful Ghazal in this album Haath Mila To Dil Bhi Mila De Hai. Lucknow’s Anurag Sinha’s Ya Khuda Mere Khayon Mein Yeh Manjar Kyun Hai Ghazal is heart touching, as well as Dil ki Har ah pe which has been sung by Hariharan and Arzoo Banke Ghazal is by Taufik Palvi. Ankita’s “Adhura Pyaar ” from Banaras has also been included.
The story of Raksha Shrivastava becoming a singer is interesting. Raksha, who was very fond of singing since childhood, did not have any music lover in her family. Father was a police officer and there was absolutely no musical atmosphere in the house, due to which she did not get a chance to learn music. The family wanted her to become an IAS IPS officer due to being good at studies.  When she did not get a chance to learn singing even after insisting, then Raksha, who lived in Bhopal, took up music as a subject in college. Slowly she started learning music and due to her natural talent, she started progressing quickly. She received training from Ustad Sarwat Hussain Khan. Raksha’s grasp of Urdu language and interest in literature boosted her singing, but fate took a turn, when she came to Indore after being transferred, then the atmosphere of ghazals in Indore city was negligible.

She was a senior journalist of Madhya Pradesh for 15 years, but she used to love music and ghazals. The era of Covid came after 15 years of exile. Everything was closed, then again Raksha started doing riyaaz and sharing her songs on social media.                

When music composer Rajeev Mahavir heard Raksha’s voice, Rajeev inspired Raksha to start singing again. The family supported and Raksha left everything and decided to join music and came to the city of Mumbai.

Today the result of that penance, dedication and passion is in front of everyone. Raksha’s debut album “Manzil – A Musical Journey” from T-Series was released and it has been a lifetime experience for her.


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