Deepshikha Nagpal,Arshi Khan at India Brainy Beauty Season3 by Archana Jain


India Brainy Beauty is the brainchild of Archana Jain.  The show was organised by Archana Jain and its mission is to nurture and support aspiring women along their path to personal and professional growth, and contribute to the public at large. It is associated with Florian Foundation to empower women and also help them share their success stories.

Deepshikha Nagpal with Archana Jain

It was all about fashion, women empowerment and motivating women from all walks of life to portray confidence on the ramp. The show was hosted by International celeb anchor Simran Ahuja at St Regis Mumbai. The finalists walked the ramp for three Rounds with designer wear brands Ranga Chakra, Etayoh and Gurpreet Kaur.

Archana Jain with LGBTQ Members

Popular celebrities Deepshikha Nagpal, Arshi Khan, Twinkle Kapoor, Navin Prabhakar were the celebrity guest of honour along with Rakesh Agrawal, Shyyam Singhania, Suhail Khandwani, Vikash Mittersain and many more.
The Pageant was judged by Dr. Mickey Mehta, Babita Obhan, Asha Agarwal, Umesh Pherwani, Dr Snehal Thamke , Tonisha Pawar and Ekta Jain.

Ekta Jain,Deepshikha Nagpal ,Navin Prabhakar with Archana Jain

Chief Guest Former Mayor of Mumbai Kishori Pednekar and Sindhu loved the show .
The winners of the pageant in Miss category :
1. Priya Chavan               – winner2. Riddhi Trivedi               – 1st runner up3. Dhanashree Parulkar  – 2nd runner up
The Mrs category had 3 winners :
1. Anjali Jhaveri Sanghvi – Winner2. Riddhi sagar            – 1st Runner Up3. Gurvinder Kaur             – 2nd runner up
India Brainy Beauty is a Pageant  where age, weight, height, language or color doesn’t matter. It’s all about the Talent, Confidence and Potential u hold within you. Season 3 was held in association with Florian Foundation. The focus of the event was all about Women Empowerment and Supporting LGBTQ community. This pageant motivates every woman to come ahead and take a step towards achieving her dreams of walking the ramp and participating in a beauty pageant .

Archana Jain with finalist

“Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of much more than you imagine.” This Pageant makes you believe that you should not let others tell you what you can’t do. Don’t let the limitations of others demotivate you. If you can remove your self-doubt and believe in yourself, you can achieve what you never thought was possible”.
India Brainy Beauty Pageant was sponsored by Shrey Jewels, Elegant Marbles and Sparkle Jewels supporting  the cause of Women Empowerment. We thank our community partner Dipti Nagrecha, Founder of Unite, Khanjana Kavan Mota, IBB ceo and Shreyans Jain,COO of IBB. All the finalists were trained by 17 experts of the fashion industry for three days .
To support the LGBTQ Community this year, Special ramp walk was arranged for 15 Transgender member in association with Florian foundation, where they were trained specifically by the founder Ms Archana Jain.
Fashion is boundless, genderless, creedless, and limitless. Fashion is power; driving home the strong message of power and equality . Fashion is a platform that treats issues of gender equality in a varied manner. Fashion attracts attention which becomes an important factor in gaining recognition on the prevalent issue of transgender discrimination thereby achieving broader social acceptance. Based on the same idea, India Brainy Beauty and Florian Foundation aims to send out a message of love and inclusiveness. Florian Foundation has been devotedly working towards ending discrimination and violence against transgender community. Dr Archana Jain empowers people to take a stand in the society and have a chance at living a normal life without being ostracized by the society. Fashion, being the most effective mode, reflects the issue of transgender and ensures that the boundary between male and female becomes more permeable.The walk was an iconic walk that will be remembered and will leave a unique mark in the history of fashion, and in the hearts of the people.


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