Get set for the glitzy Season 3 finale of India Brainy Beauty hosted by Archana Jain on March 27


A contest that is over age, colour skin or weight!    

The India Brainy Beauty Season 3 finale hosted by Archana Jain will be a glitzy event and it will have important celebs like Ojas Rajani, Simran Ahuja, Khanjana Mota, Siddharth Pamnani and Shreyans Jain at the grand unveiling of the beautiful Crown at St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai.  

Archana Jain with finalist and guest

Archana Jain has been successfully organizing the unique beauty pageant for the last 3 years. Now the finale of the 3rd season of Archana Jain’s show is going to be held on March 27 at St. Regis Hotel in Mumbai. Here all the finalists will be trained by experts from the fashion industry for three days. A total of 24 contestants from across the country and abroad are participating in this competition.  
Archana Jain, who started India Brainy Beauty, said, “The specialty of this beauty pageant is that there is no bar on age, weight, skin color, height etc. to participate in it. The confidence and mind of the contestants are important. Brain power is seen with beauty. This competition has also been organized to support the LGBTQIA community and it stresses on women empowerment. This pageant is organised to give an opportunity to the hidden talents of women.  

Khanjana Mota,Ojas Rajani,Archana jain,Simran Ahuja,Siddharth Pamnani & Shreyans Jain

It has three-day grooming and training sessions. Many experts from the fashion, glamour and beauty industry groom to make ordinary women extraordinary.      

At the unveiling of the Crown, Simran Ahuja said, “Archana Jain deserves applause and congratulations for giving such beautiful women a golden opportunity to rule the world. Season 3 is going to be very special. There are 24 finalists, who are going to show their talents. Ojas Rajani is going to groom all these contestants, and give a lovely look to these beautiful ladies. The women have been dreaming of winning the crown since childhood, so this is a great platform.                    

Siddharth Pamnani said, “Why don’t we have a crown for men? Many thanks to Archana Jain that she is going to organize such a beautiful beauty contest for the third year, wishing her all the best that she continues to organize in future, too?”                              

Shreyans Jain said, “It is always a very memorable experience to associate with India Brainy Beauty. Its aim has been to promote women empowerment, I want to say all the best to all the participants of Season 3.”        

Khanjana Mota said, “I will not say much, you just wait for 27th March when there will be a grand show. There will be a walk to support the LGBT community.”  

Ojas Rajani added, “Archana’s concept is unique. She has tried and initiated to eliminate the difference of body shape, fair, black, young and old. It is important that everyone gets a chance and what can be a better opportunity than India Brainy Beauty. Archana Jain is organizing the third season of it in a grand way.”                            

Archana Jain is a very young business woman who believes in making everything possible, she has found an opportunity for every girl.

Archana Jain said, “It is our honor to have Ojas Rajani as the make-up partner and jury of our show.”                            

Archana Jain thanked Simran Ahuja, Khanjana Mota, Siddharth Pamnanni and Shreyans Jain as well as the entire team, saying that the credit for the success of Season 1 and Season 2 of India Brainy Beauty goes to the entire team and we are sure that the third season will also be successful. It is worth noting that Archana Jain is the founder of Florian Foundation, the foundation that does social activity to help the needy people. 


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