Decoding Dhwani in Udupi with Ashwini Guruji


Sound, as a form of energy, has been highly underplayed in the modern world. Our ancients, on the other hand, had explored the subject in depth and given us the science of mantras to affect changes in different aspects of life. From healing the body, stalling ageing and reviving the dead, to lifting heavy objects, lighting up lamps, ushering rains, and even establishing a connection with energies and entities beyond the earth, our ancients gave us mantras for everything.

Ashwini Guruji

Gradually modern scientists are awakening to the power of sound – acoustic fire extinguishers are being developed, sound technology is being used to lift objects, to generate electricity, to produce light, to heal cancers among others. But then the vedic masters had perfected this eons ago. 

“Did you know that once a sound has been unleashed into Creation, it stays there forever…it is possible to access the dhwanis of the devs and rishis of yesteryears and there are many Dhyan Ashram sadhaks who have heard various richas and stotras in states of dhyan,” shared Ashwini Guru ji of Dhyan Ashram who has been experimenting with the science of mantras for more than 3 decades now. Under his guidance, thousands have benefitted from the power of mantras. People have reported alteration in their appearance, recovery from disease, among others. “Divya Chikitsa Mantras are a powerful combination of seven frequencies which when practiced in prescribed manner, have the effect of cleansing and healing various cells of the body,” he added.

“At Dhyan Ashram we lay emphasis on practicing the science of mantras as it was given, without adulteration or modification, and most importantly, without tying it to commerce. Efficacy of the practice comes from here,” explained Guru ji. 

Dhyan Foundation has been conducting yagyas worldwide for over two decades and the purity of the chants has led to manifestation of Divine forms in the yagya agni, as evidenced in unedited photo-captures of the fire. Former AYUSH minister Shri Shripad Naik had commented on the mantra recitation by dhyan foundation practitioners that he had never heard such an uchharan before. 

In January 2020, foreseeing the calamity that was about to strike the world, Ashwini Guru ji had unveiled the preliminary practice of Divya Chikitsa Mantras to help the practitioners build a shield from various environmental hazards. He will now be disclosing the subtler aspects of the Divya Chikitsa in a special 4-day retreat in the historic town of Udupi (Karnataka) from April 1st to April 4th. Certain techniques for elevating consciousness and past-life visitation would also be introduced. 

For more information, you may contact Dhyan Foundation (;  9995868903)


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