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Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam released Hum Dono album with nine songs composed by Dr. L Subramaniam


The album Hum Dono is a collaborative project of Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam and the music has been composed by Dr. L. Subramaniam. There are nine songs in the album featuring male singers – Pt. Jasraj, Hariharan , Sonu Nigam, Suresh Wadkar and Lucky Ali with Kavita Krishnamurti. It was digitally released recently to celebrate love and its beautiful essence through music. We are releasing a video of Tum ho kahan with Sonu Nigam and the video for other songs will be subsequently released.

Kavita’s message –

This is an album that got started when I recorded two songs for my husband Dr L Subramaniam just around the time I married him in 1999. Both the projects got abandoned but I liked the songs and then requested my husband to compose some more songs so that I can have a complete album.

I really looked forward to it as I knew it would be original and creative with a global approach.  He was keen on making it a collaborative album with lots of duets with leading male vocalists. Everything seemed to fall into place. He had worked with Sameer ji earlier, so we requested him to write some of the songs.

After our marriage, we were greatly privileged when Javed Akhtar Saab wrote Tum ho Kahan as a wedding gift. How kind and generous of him.

I wanted my husband to meet Sri. Ravindra Jain, whom I greatly admire as a composer and poet. Ravindra Jainji blessed us by writing the lyrics for two songs – Mitwa re and Samarpan.

It was a great honour and blessing to have Sangeet Martand Pt. Jasrajji sings a fabulous alaap in the song Mitwa Re. Jasrajji and LS shared a great bond in music and performed together on many occasions in India and abroad.

When we recorded Saawan Saawan (sung by Hariharan and me, written by Sameer Anjaan), LS thought of doing a trilogy – a set of three songs that will somehow be linked to each other, bringing out the philosophy of life that nothing is permanent – everything is a passing cloud so we should utilise available time in a positive manner.

The first song – Saawan Saawan – is about the meeting of two people who then fall in love. It is a simple romantic song.

The second song Tum ho kahan (sung by Sonu Nigam and me, written by Javed Akhtar) comes at a point in life where one partner in the marriage calls out to the other, who seems to have more time for the world and less for the relationship. The heroine keeps saying “Main hoon yahan…” and ‘I will come whenever you call me…’ whereas the hero says, “Jab tak ye tan man hai, tab tak hee bandhan hai. Bandhan nahin rahenge kal apne darmiyaan!” If you don’t give time to your loved ones, it might be too late some day.

The third song is Mitwa re. Here the relationship has come to an end. The heroine sings, “Mitwa re, milan apna sapna. Beeta kal huye bekal. Jaane kahan tu basaa!” The male voice is in the background indicating the loss of a partner.

The other songs are all individually recorded as standalone songs. Each song has its own sentiment and the final song Samarpan (written by Ravindra Jain), underlines an aspect of the truth of our lives.

This album is a collaborative effort and many people have contributed heart and soul in making this happen. It has been a long journey, spanning more than two decades, to complete this album and I’m grateful that I have been allowed to stay in music through these years. I want to thank all the great musicians who have kindly lent their voices to my album. Various other musicians have contributed for different tracks and my thanks to all of them but I would especially like to mention with gratitude Tausif Akhtar, Jim Satya, Sanjay Wandrekar, Premik Russel Tubbs, and Deepak Walke.



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