NSG Calendar: A Tribute to Bravehearts through Art, Action, and Style by Pravin Talan


The moment NSG drops its annual calendar, it doesn’t just go viral on social media, but it actually explodes, creating a frenzy around it amongst the youth in particular. The NSG calendar 2024 is a lethal combination of Art, Action & Style, featuring sixteen mesmerising shots of the elite Black Cat Commandos in action, and is created by legendary action photographer Pravin Talan and his associate photographer Rupali Saagar.

NSG Calender

The 8th edition of the NSG calendar was released by Mr. M A Ganapathy, Director General, National Security Guard recently. The calendar this year features some unique shots such as those of CBRN attack combat team, drone killers and Corner Shot guns. Mr. Ganpathy says that the Officers and Men of NSG, a unique amalgam of the best from The army, the para-military and the police forces, are ever ready for service to the nation with utmost commitment and dedication.

NSG Commandos

Over the years, the NSG has also developed cutting edge Post Blast investigation expertise. The Close Protection Force of NSG compares with the best in the business. The NSG also provides Immediate Backup Support to all important national and international events. The NSG Training Centre is a centre of excellence and has been instrumental in capacity building of other police forces, including those from friendly foreign countries.”

In recent times, the NSG has developed a niche capability in anti-drone operations and also upgraded its night fighting capability. The NSG has also developed its own triple purpose K9 squad, wherein the K9s perform assault, IED detection and tracking functions. The calendar provides insight into their training and capabilities. Pravin Talan’s work is highly regarded as soulful, original, creative and inspirational with many exhibitions and Coffee Table Books to his credit. Over the years he has created imagery for Defence Forces,

Central Armed Police Forces and various state police forces. Talking about the calendar, Pravin Talan and Rupali Saagar said ,” In a world marred by
conflicts and terrorism, our commandos stand as unwavering guardians, playing a crucial role in defending us against threats. And this calendar is to honour their selfless dedication and bravery through our art.”

The NSG was raised in 1984 as a Federal Contingency Force with primary mandate to undertake specific anti-terrorist and anti-hijack operations. The history of NSG is replete with glorious instances of successful anti-terrorist operations conducted with professional elan and competence. The NSG calendars have over the years developed a cult following in the country.

Image Captions & description

  1. Jan- Maximum force – A hit team of NSG commandos in classic formation .
  2. Feb- Fearless & ferocious – Crawling through mud with daggers, enhancing commandos’ skill set, adaptability, endurance and teamwork.
  3. March- Masked & mighty – CBRN team in action
  4. April- Shielding from terror – Commandos of Close Protection Force using a ballistic shield.
  5. May- Limitless – A woman commando of NSG takes the reverse splash in muddy waters, a scenario demanding extreme physical and mental resilience.
  6. June- Striking on the move – A commando strikes on the move while using Powerquick Ascender
  7. July- Double impact – NSG has one of the best K9 units with an advanced K9 Vision System. They are used in assault, IED detection and tracking functions
  8. Aug- Silencing turbulent skies -Commando with drone killer to counter growing drone menace.
  9. Sept-Fire & fury – Fire obstacle training simulates real-world scenarios, allowing commandos to practice skills in conditions they may face in actual combat.
  10. Oct- Shattering barriers – Commandos undertaking room intervention exercise.
  11. Nov- Swift, silent & deadly – Commandos train extensively at all potential targets for terrorist activities.
  12. Dec- Negotiating corners – A commando makes use of the unique ability of a CornerShot gun to bend around the corners and shoot.

Credit page : The commando with a sniper gun stands tall and heroic.
World class. Zero error. – That’s the motto of this elite special force.


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