Chakori (Nyra Banerjee) now plans to commit murder in Dangal TV serial ‘Rakshabandhan – Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal’


In Dangal TV hit serial ‘Rakshabandhan: Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal’, the situation of bloodshed has now arisen. Chakori (Nyra Banerjee) tries to murder Umed Singh (Nishant Malkani). She is thinking of new plans. Umed has hurt her ego by rejecting her love. So now Chakori wants to take revenge from Umaid. During the shooting of the murder sequence of Dangal TV show “Rakshabandhan: Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal”, Nishant Malkani said that Chakori is a very merciless villain in our show but she is also very hot and beautiful.   It is after taking my life. But Chakori’s every plan fades in front of Umed. People hate Chakori and love Umed, thus the show is getting great response. I would say that the life of this show is chakori because when she does something then there is drama buildup in the serial. Nyra Banerjee is enjoying a lot by playing the role of Chakori. She said that there are different shades of me in the show .

In the serial, the role of Rasal is played by Hardika Sharma and the role of Shivraj is played by Azinkya Mishra. Both of them also have important roles in this sensational scene. During the shooting, Azinkya Mishra said that we get to know the reality of Chakori and I run away from the house with Rasal. Rasal used to tell me that Chakori is very bad . But when I come to know the truth we run away . We have been running for two days, I fall while running, I get a head injury, blood starts coming out. Then Rasal binds cloth cutting on my head, then my bleeding stops.  Hardika Sharma said that Shivraj takes care of me when a thorn pricks my leg while running away. This is quite an interesting twist of the serial.  

Let us tell you that the concept of serial Rakshabandhan is new and unique which is being liked by the audience very much. The story of this serial is about the unbreakable relationship between a sister and brother of Deoria village in Rajasthan. Where the sister stands as her shield in every difficulty of her brother. This sister Rasal solves every crisis that comes on her brother Shivraj. The twist in the story comes when the stepmother comes into their life who tries to separate these sister brothers and grab their property. And now she even wants to kill them for the property.  Serial Rakshabandhan can be seen from Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm only on Dangal TV.


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