Twist in Dangal TV’s popular serial “Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer”


Dangal TV’s most popular serial “Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer” is going to have a new twist during the wedding sequence itself. Anjana Singh, who is playing the role of Padma in the show, said that whatever twist is happening in the marriage, everything is happening because of me. I do the cheating and change the bride. Shambhu was supposed to get married to Bundi but I changed everything . Everyone has to watch this episode to see what Ramesh Thakur does after the marriage takes place.

Chahat Pandey, who is playing the role of Mahua, said that a new twist is happening every day in the story of Dangal TV show Nath, so the story is getting more interesting. Mahua does not want to marry Shambhu but she is forced to get married. And Bundi, who was to be married to Shambhu, gets married to Radhe. The twist is going on in the story, I would appeal to the audience that you must keep watching our Nath- Zewar Ya Zanjeer show.

Anchal, who is playing the role of Radhe, told that Bundi’s life gets ruined after Shambhu gets married to Mahua. Shambhu asks me to marry Bundi. Shambhu and I have a relationship like that of Ram and Laxman. If Ram ji orders something, then Laxman has to do it. So I happily agreed to marry Bundi.

Vaibhavi Kapoor, playing the role of Bundi, told that she breaks down when she comes to know that her sister has done this. Then I get married to Radhe, although Bundi’s mind is not ready for it. I am glad that people are liking this show very much.During this extremely twisted scene of this show, all the actors of the serial were present. In this show Pratima Kanan is in the role of Durga while Ravi Gossain in the role of Avatar. Piomari Mehta is playing the role of Gauri and Arjit Taneja is Shambhu. Anurag Sharma as Ramesh and Anjana Singh as Padma. Anchal Tankwal as Radhe, Radhika Chhabra as Reena and Chahat Pandey as Mahua. Vaibhavi Kapoor is in the role of Bundi and Riya Bhattacharjee is in the role of Kajri. Mamta Solanki is in the role of aunt. The show airs from Monday to Saturday every night at 10 pm on Dangal TV.


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