Nath – Zevar Ya Zanzeer, a journey of a Girl, who is trapped in a regressive custom


Some  backward villages in India still have these regressive customs which exploit women. Dangal TV has launched a new show – Nath – Zevar Ya Zanzeer .The show has Chahat Pandey and Arjit Taneja playing lead roles. The story revolves around the social custom of vulnerable people from the village giving away daughters if the parents are not able to repay their debts taken from the affluent in villages. Mahua, a little girl who is bright in studies, comes to know when she turns 18, that she has been given away and her ‘Nath Utrayi’ custom will  happen soon. Will the girl accept what’s in her fate?

Chahat Pandey, who plays the character of Mahua has been part of many TV shows like Durga, Hamari Bahu Silk and Pavitra Bandhan. Arjit Taneja has been part of many TV shows like Bahu Begam, Kaleere and Kumkum Bhagya on TV. Pratima Kanan is in the role of Durga while Ravi Gosain is in the role of Avatar. Gauri is played by Piyomri Mehta and Shambhu is played by Arjit Taneja . Anurag Sharma is in the role of Ramesh and Anjana Singh is in the role of Padma. Aanchal Tankwal as Radhe, Radhika Chhabra as Reena and Chahat Pandey as Mahua. Vaibhavi Kapoor is in the role of Bundi and Riya Bhattacharjee is in the role of Kajri .

The show airs from Monday to Saturday every night at 10 pm on Dangal TV.


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