Abhijeet Sawant revisits his timeless melody ‘Lafzon Mein’ in collaboration with Mayur Jumani


All the 90s kids are undoubtedly well-acquainted with the immense popularity of singer Abhijeet Sawant, who rose to fame as the first winner of the widely acclaimed TV reality show Indian Idol. It was in 2005 when this versatile singer’s breakthrough captivated the hearts of millions across India. Known for his soul-stirring voice and emotive renditions, Abhijeet Sawant has remained an adored figure in the music industry.

In the latest exciting development, Abhijeet collaborated with the supremely talented YouTuber and music producer Mayur Jumani to recreate a mesmerizing version of his superhit song ‘Lafzon Mein’. Mayur shared the recreated version of the song on his Instagram, and despite featuring a completely different beat, the tunes took music fans on a nostalgic ride. Undoubtedly, the recreated version showcases the versatility of both artists.

Check out the post shared by Mayur Jumani here – 


‘Lafzon Mein’ emerged as an iconic song from Abhijeet’s debut album titled ‘Aapka Abhijeet Sawant’. This beautiful love song featured actress Tamannah Bhatia opposite him. The poignant track, with lyrics penned by the renowned Sameer and music composed by Biddu, touched souls and became a timeless melody that still resonates with the audience even after almost two decades.

Mayur Jumani expressed feeling overwhelmed by the opportunity to recreate a song that received immense love from everyone. Having previously collaborated with notable names in the music industry like Kailash Kher, Mayur has become one of the most sought-after names in the field. Upon hearing the latest rendition of ‘Lafzon Mein’, it is evident that the song effortlessly bridges the generation gap, captivating the hearts of both old and young music enthusiasts.

All in all, the latest rendition of ‘Lafzon Mein’ not only strikes a chord with the younger generation but also brings back nostalgia for music lovers. The song still receives the same love from the audience as it did back in 2005. Adored by people of all ages, fans are eager to see more collaborations between Abhijeet Sawant and Mayur Jumani in the future.


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