Actress Ekta Jain was spotted in Ardhanarishwar costume


Actress ,model and Anchor Ekta Jain as Ardhanarishwar went from Fab cut unisex salon to Model Town’s Chacha Nehru Park and Musician Anil Mohile Manoranjan Park while sitting on a scooty . Ekta Jain worships Lord Shiva daily. This year she danced with Damru and Trishul in the form of Ardhanarishvar on occasion of Mahashivaratri and worshiped Lord Shiva. Make up and Hair styling was done by Reema Nandi and her friend Krishna Arya.

About this special make up ,Hair styling ,dress and shooting, Ekta Jain told us that it took three hours for her make up and then the shooting took a full day .

Ekta Jain has been a part of many Bollywood films such as Shatranj, Khali Bali and Trahimam. The shooting of Satya Sai Baba 2 will begin in April 2021 in Mumbai and Bangalore. Ekta Jain has played the role of a policeman in Shatranj and a lawyer in Trahimam. She has also completed shooting and dubbing for an International film and hopes to do good work on various platforms in 2021. She also wants to thank all her followers on social media. 


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