‘The Great Trial’ series  Book Review: A captivating blend of justice, mythology and humanity by Medha Pushkarna


    Title: The Great Trial, War on Earth, Part 1 

              The Great Trial, Corona Summoned to Court, Part 2

    Author: Medha Pushkarna

    Genre: Fiction, Drama, Legal, Mythology

    Publisher: Law & Justice Publishing Co.

     Pages: Book 1- 230

                 Book 2-   248                

    Price: INR 495 each

              On Amazon- INR 371 each

    In a world filled with uncertainties, literature has emerged as a way to address ongoing global problems. A notable example is ‘The Great Trial’ series,  by debutante author Medha Pushkarna, which brilliantly tackles the current global situation. Amidst the chaos of the recent coronavirus pandemic, this captivating courtroom drama sheds light on the role of humans, animals and plant ecosystems in the devastating outbreak.

    The great Trial book set

    The story of ‘The Great Trial’ series introduces us to Meds, a young and passionate lawyer who finds herself in the centre of a trial that holds the destiny of  Human world  and the Animal  world. The two books keep readers engaged as Meds advocates for the Animal world , arguing that the virus is a result of human actions. On the other hand, Uncle Just, an experienced senior lawyer, strongly opposes her viewpoint, attributing the pandemic to animals.

    Medha Pushkarna at launch event

    This courtroom clash becomes a captivating battleground as these two legal minds clash in their pursuit of the truth. While the Human world points fingers at the Animal world for causing havoc, Meds stands her ground, denying the involvement of animals in the deadly virus outbreak. The story deepens as Meds receives guidance from Uncle Vasu, a prominent figure among the Devas, adding layers of love, hatred, anger, and betrayal to humanity’s struggle against the animal world.

    The  story unfolds in the two books where readers are taken into a thrilling spectacle of close examinations, questioning, debates, and fiery arguments. Both sides, humans and animals, have harmful intentions, but the greater power of justice prevails through the rule of law. Medha Pushkarna expertly explores the intricate relationship between the Animal world and Human world, prompting readers to reflect on their role within the larger ecosystem.

    ‘The Great Trial’ series is a skillfully crafted courtroom drama that goes beyond mere right and wrong, allowing the truth to shine through. Medha Pushkarna, a law student herself, blends her fascination for crime thrillers into her writing, using her passion to address crucial societal issues. The book underscores the idea that every outcome in our world stems from our actions, highlighting the interconnectedness of all life forms.

    Released on June 14th, ‘The Great Trial’ series  is accessible on major online platforms such as Amazon and leading bookstores, making it easy for readers to dive into this engaging narrative. With meticulous attention to detail and a plot that seamlessly blends mythology, justice and human nature, Medha Pushkarna’s work sparks self-reflection and encourages readers to contemplate the delicate balance between humans and nature.

    However, like any work of fiction, ‘The Great Trial’ series has some minor flaws. The abundance of characters occasionally requires flipping back through pages to recall their significance, and the protagonist’s parents could have had a more prominent role. Additionally, the narrative frequently shifts between the past and present, which might momentarily confuse readers. Some might find the focus on character development slightly prolonged.

    Furthermore, the book’s structure leaves the first part on a cliffhanger, urging readers to get the second installment for resolution. While this builds anticipation, it could be clearer that the story continues in a series format. Despite these minor drawbacks, ‘The Great Trial’ series remains an engrossing read, providing valuable insights into law, justice and the interconnected relationship between Human world and the Animal world.

    In conclusion, Medha Pushkarna’s debut books  are  a literary success that captivate readers with its gripping narrative and thought-provoking themes. Her skill in weaving together mythology, law and morality showcases her talent as a skilled storyteller. The two books  not only delve into the complexities of a courtroom drama but also urge the readers to consider their responsibilities in preserving the delicate balance of nature.


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