Controversial Campaign Raises Concerns Over Political Exploitation in Schools


In a surprising turn of events, educational institutions in Maharashtra find themselves entangled in the web of politics, raising questions about the true intentions behind a recently launched campaign, ‘Mazi Shala Sundar Shala’ by Chief Minister Shri Eknath Sambhaji Shinde.

The campaign, touted as an initiative to promote reading habits among students, has come under scrutiny for its mandatory nature. Parents received a directive from class teachers urging them to register their children via a provided link, without clarity on the initiative’s official status through a Government Resolution (GR). Notably, the uploaded letter from the Chief Minister lacks both a date and an outward number.

Critics argue that the campaign’s focus on reading a single letter and sharing a selfie appears insufficient in fostering a genuine love for literature among students. Instead, they emphasize the importance of encouraging students to delve into a diverse range of books covering topics like science, development, and social sciences to nurture informed and responsible citizens.

The compulsory nature of the ‘Slogan & Selfie’ campaign has raised eyebrows, with concerns surfacing about potential political motives behind the initiative. Without a transparent framework and educational value, this move is seen by some as a form of political vendetta, exploiting the impressionable minds of schoolchildren for political gain.

As the controversy unfolds, stakeholders call for a thorough examination by relevant authorities to ensure that educational institutions remain sanctuaries of unbiased learning and are shielded from being pawns in political games. The delicate balance between education and political agendas is now under the spotlight, prompting a broader discussion on the ethical implications of such campaigns within the education system.

Dear Parents,

Requesting you to read carefully the above posted 👆 letter sent by the State department.
In accordance with the माझी शाळा ,सुंदर शाळा अभियान, Selfie program you have to go to the link mentioned above ( and register your child by completing all the steps mentioned therein.

Kindly watch the video showing the procedure before beginning the registration.
It is compulsory for all the students to register.
Kindly do so by Friday (23/2).
Post the screen shot of the registration after successfully completing it.
Your cooperation in completing this as early as possible will be greatly appreciated.


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